Staying Married Through the Storms of Life


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Jeff and Sarah Walton have faced a series of crises that have severely impacted their marriage and family. Their firstborn son developed a mysterious neurological disorder that has resulted in dangerous personality shifts. Sarah has struggled with a degenerative injury to her ankle, leaving her immobile at times. She and the kids had a myriad of aches and pains that were eventually diagnosed as Lyme disease. And Jeff's incredibly demanding and busy job was creating too much stress for Sarah, as well as feelings of abandonment. When he quit the job for his family's sake, they lost half of their income, resulting in a great deal of financial stress, too.

On this Focus on the Family broadcast, Jeff and Sarah draw parallels between their story and that of the Old Testament book of Job, outlining key passages about staying faithful to God despite unexplained suffering. Our guests also encourage couples to turn their woes over to God, rather than blame each other, and to find comfort in the midst of grieving by clinging to the knowledge that God always cares and is always faithful. If you and your spouse are struggling through the storms of life, you won't want to miss this hope-filled broadcast.

For more from the Waltons, check out their book Together Through the Storms: Biblical Encouragements for Your Marriage When Life Hurts.

If you'd like a digital download of this broadcast, you can get it here.

Jeff & Sarah Walton
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