Morgan Weistling

Special Edition Prints by Morgan Weistling

"Every painting I do, I pray God helps me. So my faith in the future is set in hoping that I continue to let Him use my hands.”

— Morgan Weistling, Award-winning oil painter and illustrator

Award-winning artist Morgan Weistling was once an agnostic who believed that art was his god. Now, he is a strong Christian who now knows his artistic talent is a gift from God. Morgan aims to capture the joy and value of work in that simpler era, each painting telling a story. “The light of Christ is in these paintings,” he says. “[They also show] the virtues of hard work.”

Focus on the Family is pleased to offer the following special edition giclée prints by Morgan Weistling while supplies last. Browse a few of these masterfully painted pieces below.

This print represents a pioneer family and their ability to take shelter in their faith in Jesus and take comfort in the warm glow of His light.

This print celebrates the value of life despite the many hazards a young family would have faced on their journey through the pioneer west.

Sharing the Light by Morgan Weistling

This print represents sharing the light of Christ as children reveal the power of sharing a single flame in the darkness.