The Chosen

The Chosen
"Get used to different."
— Jesus to Simon, as Jesus called Matthew the tax collector to follow Him as a disciple.

Who is this Rabbi? Why does He talk to people with such compassion? How does He speak with such authority? Simon and the early followers of Jesus were regularly confounded by His upside-down teachings. The Chosen: Come and See depicts Jesus in rich color and detail and invites you to walk in His footsteps. Enrich your faith and understanding of the Bible with this beautiful novel. And, learn more about this Jesus with additional resources here from The Chosen!

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The Chosen: And I Will Give You Rest

In this third installment of The Chosen series, we see Jesus healing the sick, preaching the Sermon on the Mount, feeding the five thousand, and raising the dead. We see his enemies growing ever more determined to silence him. And we see his very human disciples struggling with their own questions and concerns, believing in but not yet understanding their Messiah.


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