#butGod: The Power of Hope When Catastrophe Crashes in

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"Sir, your sons have been in a car accident. How quickly can you get here?"

Join Pastor Jeremy Freeman as he shares how the harrowing phone call that no parent wants to receive would lead to a miraculous outcome that only God could deliver.

When Jeremy and Emily Freeman's teenage son Caleb was in a devastating car accident, doctors gave him a 10 percent chance of survival. Fear of losing a child was all too fresh for the Freemans--their seven-year-old son, Trey, had died just four years earlier from a genetic immunodeficiency. But God had other plans.

In #butGod, Jeremy shares the incredible story of Caleb's recovery, the darkness that nearly overtook their family in the waiting, and the #butGod movement that captured the prayers of Christians around the world. #butGod includes heartfelt excerpts from Emily's prayer journal and encouragement from Jeremy that goes beyond platitudes to a hard-won trust in God's goodness.

The Freeman family's incredible story offers:

  • Greater understanding of the beauty God can bring through suffering
  • An honest glimpse of how one family grew closer together despite grief, tension, and doubt
  • A powerful example of how God works through the prayers of His people
  • Hope that only God can provide

Whatever sorrow you're walking through, #butGod leads you to the sweetness found in trusting God with suffering--and the deeper faith that comes from seeing His purpose in the pain.

Jeremy Freeman
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Thomas Nelson