Blended: The Unspoken Truth About Stepfamilies (DVD)

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Are you the biological parent but you feel like you're in the middle between your new spouse and your kids? Do you and your spouse struggle to come together to effectively discipline and parent your children? Do you have a desire to build a marriage that others can look up to, especially your stepchildren? Do you want to know the secrets of highly successful blended families whose marriages are thriving?

A strong marriage has the ability to change not only your life, but the lives of those around you. Your new family comes with so many moving parts, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed but you shouldn’t let this stress you out and ruin your marriage. If you know the secrets of having a strong blended family, then your family can truly implement them so your blended family can run like a well oiled machine... Blended: The Unspoken Truth about Stepfamilies will show you how to build a marriage that is able to fully support your blended family while keeping everyone’s best interest at heart, help you and your spouse create a bond that can withstand any conflict within your blended family, give you the tools you need to sustain your marriage, and most of all, give you hope!

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