High Water Series

Escape from the Everglades

High Water Novel #1

A park ranger’s son hates the Everglades and thinks he’ll just die if his family doesn’t move out of Southern Florida soon … and he’s right. After Parker Buckman is mauled and nearly killed by an alligator, he sees the glades as a place of death. All he wants to do is get out of the area, and he’s convinced he won’t truly be okay until he does. But he can’t leave until he finds a friend who goes missing. Parker thinks that escaping a bad situation is simply a matter of a geographical change. But sometimes the best way to a brighter future is to face the darkness of your past.

Every Hidden Thing

High Water Novel #2

Parker Buckman loves his new home in Rockport, Massachusetts. But strange things have been happening ever since Devin Catsakis’ funeral. A series of break-ins have left everyone on edge, especially Parker’s new friend, Ella Houston. She lives with her grandma—and they depend on rental income from a cottage on their property. Bad online reviews about the “ghost” terrorizing rental homes in Rockport aren’t helping bookings. With the bottom dropping out on the rental market, Ella’s home is at risk. All Parker wants to do is to help Ella—which means finding some answers. What Parker really needs? To trust that God, the great revealer of secrets, is just and will take care of this in His perfect timing—even when it seems He’s taking way too long.

Tim Shoemaker and his newest book, Every Hidden Thing!

The Deep End

High Water Novel #3

Harley ignores the cryptic warning, but soon learns the chilling message is absolutely true. When his motorcycle is stolen, he feels he’s lost the one thing that connects him to his dad—and keeps his memory alive. Harley believes he knows exactly who is responsible—and takes dangerously reckless steps to get his bike back. Parker will do almost anything to help his friend—which is exactly what has Jelly and Ella worried. Their efforts to change Harley’s self-destructive course simply haven’t worked. Now they have to find a way to stop him before he goes off the deep end … and takes Parker with him. Sometimes lies and deception are so believable, only God can reveal the truth.

The Second Storm

High Water Novel #4

Angelica will do anything she can to get her friend Parker back home safely. What she doesn’t realize is the real threat―the second storm―is threatening to be far more deadly for Parker and his friends than the hurricane. The storm has allowed Clayton Kingman to escape from prison, and he has a big surprise in store for the group, one he intends to deliver personally.

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Easy Target

Thrust into public school his eighth-grade year, ex-homeschooler Hudson Sutton is an outsider-and an easy target. When he sticks up for "Pancake" he makes two allies and plenty of enemies. Hudson wants to protect his new friends, so he puts a bold plan into action. But as school bullies retaliate and Hudson's plans to stop them get out of hand, Hudson fears he's making the situation worse. The more he tries to help his new friends, the more he hurts others. Too late Hudson learns who the real easy target is. What happens when that person's hurt is so big, she believes she's beyond fixing? And what happens when she's so desperate, she'll do the unthinkable to send one last cry for help? Sometimes the best way to change others is to start with yourself.