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"Tilly" is one of Focus on the Family's top ten broadcasts of all time. It is a dramatic presentation based on a work by author and previous broadcast guest Frank Peretti, and illustrates the emotional trauma of abortion, delivering a powerful message about God's forgiveness and healing. Here's a summary of the story:

Kathy Ross, having attended a funeral with her husband, Dan, observes a woman who is placing flowers by a small gravestone that has a single word inscribed upon it – "Tilly." Deeply moved by what she witnessed, Kathy begins to withdraw from her family, to cry uncontrollably, and to have insomnia. Managing to finally fall asleep, she dreams of a place where she meets a group of children who say that they have neither names nor parents. One young girl, however, says her name is Tilly, and she enjoys visiting with Kathy.

Kathy soon comes to realize that the little girl she's been talking to is the baby she aborted nine years earlier. Tilly tells Kathy that she has forgiven Kathy for what she did, and more importantly, Jesus has also forgiven Kathy. Tilly explains that eventually, they will all be together in heaven. Kathy is awoken by Dan, who has discovered through his own inquiries the identity of Tilly, and how a nurse, Anita Mendoza, took Tilly and buried her. Kathy experiences a newfound peace, now knowing that she is indeed forgiven, and has Tilly waiting for her in heaven.

(Pre-recorded Drama)
Abortion; Faith
Focus on the Family
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