Surviving the Fishbowl: Letters to Pastors' Kids

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Pastors' kids have it hard, feeling the weight of undue expectations and the observing world around them.

In Surviving the Fishbowl, Catherine J. Stewart assembles an experienced group of authors to give advice for those feeling the pressure of life lived in the scrutinized house of a minister. With contributions from pastors and their wives, as well as from former pastors' kids, this book gives sage advice for those navigating difficult waters. Whether you are pastor's kid struggling to understanding your identity, dealing with troubling social pressures, or just wishing you could escape it all, read this book and see that these trying days are survivable and even attended with blessings you may not have considered before.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by David Strain

Part 1: Laying the Foundation
1. Identity Crisis: PK or Child of the King? - Jasmine Holmes
2. Expectations: Who Sets the Standard? - Megan Hill
3. Count Your Blessings: Enjoying the Benefits of Being a PK - Joel and Mary Beeke
4. Friendships: The Glorious Gift of Extended Family - Terry and Emily Johnson
5. Loving the Church: Pressing on Through Family Highs and Lows - Tom and Donna Ascol

Part 2: Sharks in the Bowl
6. Criticism: The Godly Response - Mike and Mae Milton
7. Loneliness: Choice or Inevitability? - Amanda Martin
8. Cultural Change: Adapting to New Surroundings - Carl and Catriona Trueman
9. Depression: The Dark Night of the Soul - Neil and Catherine Stewart
10. Rebel PK: The One that Got Away (Almost) - Ike Reeder
11. Financial Crisis: High Calling with a High Price - Daniel Wakefield

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