How I Found God Through My Abortion Journey (Digital Download)


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Although raised in a nominally Christian family that attended church regularly, Cynthia Wenz followed a destructive path as a teenager. At age 15, she was actively and routinely drinking, using drugs, partying, and having sex with older men. She had her first abortion at 15, too, and kept it a secret from her father as her mother warned her of the threat he would pose if he found out.

Cynthia went on to have two more abortions at ages 19 and 29, numbing herself to the reality that her children were being killed. After her third abortion, though, she was shocked to learn that her baby had a twin who was still very much alive in her womb. From that point on, Cynthia's perspective was transformed. No longer numb to what she had been doing to her pre-born babies, she experienced many years of turmoil and grief before undergoing post-abortion recovery and discovering God's love and forgiveness. Desiring to help other women in similar situations, Cynthia served at a pregnancy resource center (PRC) and is now a staunch advocate for supporting other PRCs across the nation.

For more from Cynthia, check out her book Healed for Life: A Story of Redemption.

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Cynthia Wenz
Abortion, Pro-Life, Parenting, Life Challenges
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