Godly Dating 101: Discover the Truth about Relationships in a World That Constantly Lies

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How can you be sure you’ve found “the one”? How do you know when it’s time to leave a relationship that’s turning toxic? Godly Dating 101 answers these questions and more in a practical guide that will help young Christians develop authentic and healthy dating relationships.

With more than three million followers across Godly Dating 101’s social media accounts, Tovares and Safa Grey hear daily from hundreds of young adults looking for help in their current struggles regarding relationships and purity. Deep down, many Christian young adults are wondering if their relationships are drawing them closer to God or leading them back to the life from which Jesus freed them. 

Godly Dating 101 addresses what you hear from culture and contrasts it with Scripture. As the authors candidly cover topics like friends with benefits, pornography, masturbation, and other areas that affect future marriages, you gain an understanding that what’s considered normal or “fun” from the world’s perspective may not be God’s will for your life. Discover: 

  • You are not alone in your relationship struggles
  • God can extend grace and restoration to you no matter what
  • Scripture that points you back to Jesus and what He says about relationships
  • How to find and sustain a relationship that honors God

This encouraging message will empower you to rise out of confusion, toxic environments, and sin so that you can follow Jesus passionately and experience abundant life in Him as you nurture and develop healthy relationships.

Tovares Grey & Safa Grey
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Thomas Nelson