Building Strong Father-Son Relationships (Digital)


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Fatherlessness is a huge concern in our society today, affecting millions of children. But what may be worse are the men who are physically present in their homes but still absent emotionally and spiritually. Christian men need to step up to God’s calling to be great husbands and fathers — or “tender lions” as father and son team Brian and Jeff Becker describe it. Tender lions are men who have strength to confront the ills in today’s society, and yet recognize the need to be tender & compassionate in their relationships. The Beckers share Brian’s story of a decades-long addiction to pornography and how God helped Brian gradually heal his marriage and relationship to son Jeff. The Beckers also share important life-lessons for both fathers and sons — like recognizing our identity in the Imago Dei; that we are made in God’s image. Also, the importance of making good choices in life. And power in learning to surrender to God’s best.

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Mr. Brian Becker & Mr. Jeff Becker
Focus on the Family
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