Who Am I?: Solving the Identity Puzzle

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Who am I? This question holds great significance, and the answer is defining a generation and impacting eternity. Martyn Iles, the Executive CEO of Answers in Genesis, masterfully equips this generation with truth and hope providing a compelling biblical apologetic on this issue of identity in his book, Who Am I?

The freedom to create or choose your own identity is being normalized by our culture. This self-created worldview leads to self-worship. According to Iles, this age of identity “is immunizing a generation against a sense of their sinfulness and desperate need before God. It is telling them to take that for which Christ had to die — their “true selves” — and to embrace it, live by it, and be proud of it. This is a message that ensures people will never get over the threshold of God’s kingdom because they will never be poor in spirit. It is condemning a generation to hell.” Pg 32

“As you read this book, you’ll dive deep into Genesis and God’s design for mankind. Martyn pulls out eternal truths that the church has long taught and known and applies them anew for a lost and confused generation. And he does so in a way that points to Christ and His completed work for us on the Cross.” Ken Ham, Founding CEO of Answers in Genesis

Who Am I? to anchor yourself and your family in the gospel. While the world chooses to indoctrinate even the youngest students to dismiss God’s law, this graphically engaging and easy to read, Christian resource will arm you with the pure wisdom of the incorruptible Word of God. Use Who Am I? in family devotions, Bible study groups, and evangelical events allowing the double-edged sword of the Bible to penetrate and remove the veil of deception covering our culture.

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