Uncommon Influence: Saying Yes to a Purposeful Life

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You can create lasting change.

Lauren and Tony Dungy have impacted countless people through the years with their generosity and care for others. Tony even made NFL history as the first African American head coach to win the Super Bowl. But the Dungys’ influence isn’t the result of their achievements, fame, or finances. Instead, it stems from the proactive, intentional choices they make every day―choices that have positioned them to live a life of profound meaning.

You, too, can live a life that matters. As you implement the practices laid out in this book using your strengths and talents, you will see an unmistakable―and massive―boost in your personal impact on those around you and your ability to see others with a heart of compassion. You can become the person you long to be. What’s more, you can rewire your default pattern, making it easier to create permanent change and remove the daily burden of deciding how to show up in the world. By putting certain practices into place and predetermining your personal boundaries of what you’ll say yes to and what you’ll say no to, all that will be left each day is to live.

Inside, you will:

  • Follow the Dungys’ personal journey of using their gifts and talents to create positive change
  • Learn 11 practical ways to maximize your influence
  • Find encouragement that young or old, with many or few resources, everyone can do something

Like Lauren and Tony, as you develop a regular practice of choosing wisely, you’ll begin living a life of uncommon influence and making a bigger difference in this world. Say “Yes!” to living a life of purpose! A Compassion International Resource published by Tyndale House Publishers, perfect for fans of 
UncommonUncommon MarriageQuiet StrengthSoul of a Team, and motivational books.

Tony & Lauren Dungy
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