The Freedom Fight: The New Drug and the Truths That Set Us Free

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Today’s pornography stimulates the brain like other addictive drugs and is hooking a generation. No one is immune–men, women, young, or old–to the destructive power of porn. It is waging war against a walk with Christ, a godly marriage (or future marriage), and is sidelining God’s people from Kingdom service.

This book shows a path to true, lasting freedom with a biblical, clinical, and gospel-centered approach to recovery. You will learn the six roots of porn addiction and how to effectively address them. Before God’s truth sets us free, it changes us. And because it changes us, the freedom lasts. Whether you need to quit porn yourself or you want to be equipped to help others, this book is for you. What if addressing a great threat to the Church is also a great opportunity for revival and growth? We are seeing it happen, and if you apply the principles in this book, you can see it happen, too.

In The Freedom Fight, you will learn …

  • why a tsunami of addiction is coming and what we can do about it.
  • the brutal impact of pornography on marriages, spiritual lives and churches.
  • how to stop watching porn for good.
  • how porn impacts the brain and how to renew your mind.
  • why quitting porn is so hard and the keys to make it happen.
  • the six roots of a porn addiction and how to effectively address each one.
  • a tool to help you resist temptation and build new brain pathways.
Ted Shimer
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High Bridge Books