The Eclipse of God: Our Nation's Disastrous Search for a More Inclusive Deity (and What We Must Do about It)

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Release date is Sep 10th 2024

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“By design, this volume comes as a direct hit…Erwin Lutzer aims right at the center of our cultural crisis. At heart, it is a theological crisis.” —R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Is God More Tolerant than He Used to Be?

Just as the moon obscures the sun’s light during an eclipse, today’s radical secularism has obscured the light of God. But God’s light still shines—and He is calling us to shine His light in the growing darkness.

In The Eclipse of God, bestselling author Erwin Lutzer exposes our nation’s disastrous efforts to redefine God in its own image. The resulting damage has been so great that confusion about God has even crept into the church. This bold exposition will help you 

  • understand society’s attempts to make God inclusive and sin-friendly by exploring the intellectual roots of the present darkness
  • renew your faith in God by replacing worldly misperceptions of Him with the biblical truths about His unchanging character
  • resist cultural conformity by counting the cost of faith as you shine the gospel’s light with accuracy and grace

Timely and practical, The Eclipse of God will deepen your love for the sovereign God of the Bible and empower you to live and speak as a light for Him in a culture of darkness.

Erwin W. Lutzer
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Harvest House Publishers