The Anxiety Opportunity: How Worry Is the Doorway to Your Best Self

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What if instead of battling anxiety, you saw your worries as a doorway to spiritual transformation? Challenging the assumption that anxiety is the enemy, theologian, popular podcaster, and fellow sufferer of chronic anxiety Curtis Chang gives you a different framework for approaching fears. You will discover profound new ways of relating to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and those you love.

Curtis Chang knows what it's like to view anxiety as a sin to overcome. He also knows how trying to get rid of anxiety through sheer faith or willpower usually leads to feelings of shame and frustration. After losing his job as a pastor due to debilitating anxiety, Curtis began the process of healing his heart. Combining years of personal experience, spiritual practice, and biblical study, Curtis discovered an alternative approach--one that sees anxiety as the path to our best selves in Christ.

For all of us who feel stuck in a never-ending war with worry, The Anxiety Opportunity offers:

  • Biblical wisdom about how anxiety can lead to rich spiritual growth
  • An invitation to examine our fears as a way of pursuing our calling
  • Simple practices for converting nervous energy into fruitful energy
  • Insights into why trying to avoid loss generates more anxiety
  • A renewed sense of peace as we realize what God can do through our fears

It's time to think differently about the relationship between anxiety and spiritual growth. This unique and profound exploration of one of the greatest epidemics of our time shows us how anxiety can be the very place we meet Jesus--and how channeling our anxiety can help us become more like him.

Curtis Chang
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