Teaching Kids to Love God and Serve Others Well


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Parenting can be an exciting, awesome, God-given responsibility — but it can also be a tough struggle that moms and dad are simply trying to get through. Monica Swanson wants to remind parents that it’s possible to “raise amazing” kids IF you rely on God’s strength instead of your own. And you need to be intentional about instilling godly character traits into their lives. Monica refers to “parentamorphosis” — the reality that our children will ultimately become a lot like us, so modeling our values and faith daily is important. She also encourages parents to be mindful of the influences of friends — that we’re all the average of 5 people who influence us the most. Moms and dads cannot simply focus on behavioral modification but also need to focus more on a child’s heart. Monica shares a story about taking her son Jonah through “character training” when he was 13 to learn more about the importance of godly character in his life. In conclusion, she also shares why allowing kids to suffer and learn through adversity will help them become stronger and healthier adults.
Mrs. Monica Swanson
Focus on the Family Broadcast
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