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Understand the writer, understand the story. In this groundbreaking season, Biblical historian Ray Vander Laan reveals the mentality of all-in discipleship — from the anthem of early disciples to the Eastern way of communicating, the six forms of context to deciphering allusion, parables, and chronologies.

All of it points to a central mission for Christians today.

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Season One Episode Details

Episode 1: The Commitment

RVL begins the course by introducing the Shema as an anthem for being “all in” as a disciple, foreshadowing the content to come.


Episode 2: The Pond

Beginning a multi-episode focus on various tools to use when approaching the Bible, RVL outlines the differences between Eastern and Western worldviews and how to recognize them in scripture.

Episode 3: The Tree

RVL introduces how to consider the context of the Bible, unpacking 6 major categories of context and how this affects our understanding of the text.

Episode 4: The Coals

This episode explores the literary concept of allusion and how it is used throughout the Bible, especially in Jesus’ teaching.

Episode 5: The Wine

RVL uses the story of Jesus turning water into wine to explain theological chronologies, or how the gospel writers organized their accounts to communicate different messages.

Episode 6: The Stone

This episode focuses on how God reveals himself and how we join his story, using examples from David’s life and the experience of the disciples.

Episode 7: The Blind Man

RVL teaches the story of Jesus healing a blind man who first saw people walking like trees, connecting this miracle to the loaves and fishes experience in the eyes of the disciples.

Episode 8: The Sand

This episode defines parables and unpacks how they were used in Jewish teaching. It explores a few of Jesus’ parables and looks at him as a teacher.

Episode 9: The Tohu

RVL shifts the focus from various tools to use when studying scripture to introducing the Bible’s central theme: that God’s mission is to bring shalom to chaos.

Episode 10: The Shalom

RVL concludes Season 1 by applying God’s central mission to us as disciples of Christ.

Ray Vander Laan

Ray Vander Laan is a master in biblical context who, for the first time, is sharing his methods to a wider audience. Ray’s passionate style of teaching connects with students of all ages and inspired his founding of That The World May Know®, a ministry focused on location-based teaching of scripture. He has personally guided over 10,000 people on study tours and released 18 volumes of educational content. RVL Discipleship™ is the culmination of his time in the physical steps of the Rabbi.

40 years of life’s work. Four seasons of learning. One purpose: to build disciples who bring shalom.

This groundbreaking series is available exclusively from Focus on the Family.