Restoring Your Marriage After an Affair – I-II (Digital)


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Infidelity can rip a marriage apart — and it’s hard to imagine a betrayal more painful than finding out your spouse is involved with someone else. Josh and Katie Walters share the story of Katie’s affair with the husband of their good friend couple, and how Katie vacillated for quite a while, torn between doing the right thing (ending the affair) and still feeling love for the other man. Meanwhile, Josh was convinced by God that divorce was wrong and he needed to love Katie as Christ loves the Church, which meant pushing through the pain and hoping against hope to rescue his marriage. Josh and Katie have developed an acronym — S.T.A.Y. — for struggling couples. "S" stands for "Start with me," or taking ownership of your own sin and mistakes instead of blaming your spouse. They also address “T” — “Take quitting off of the table,” and Katie shares a story of making a vow to the Lord of “You can have my feet,” which meant she still wasn’t sure about her love/marriage with Josh, but she wouldn’t be going anywhere.

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Pastor Josh & Mrs. Katie Walters
Focus on the Family
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