Resilient: Child Discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church

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As new research continues to show, the cultural gap between secularism and the convictional Church continues to widen.

KidMin and youth leaders are asking, “Are we adequately discipling today's kids to lead the future of the church in a culture that's becoming increasingly hostile to the gospel?” For many, the answer is “no,” and a new conversation around making Resilient disciples is emerging.

Resilient is an honest calling to ask robust questions about the future; it is a timely conversation in the midst of changing cultural landscapes; and it’s a love letter to KidMin leaders and disciple makers to walk this road of child discipleship together.

Resilient Child Discipleship focuses on three key areas, essential for shaping long-term faith:

  • Belonging - Highly relational ministry led by a loving and caring adult
  • Believing - Deeply Scriptural ministry rooted in the truth of God’s Word and the power of the gospel
  • Becoming - Truly experiential ministry, designed to move kids from simulation to real-world application of faith-based living

Resilient equips you with an innovative, biblical and proven child discipleship philosophy to build your ministry around - plus practical questions to equip you and your team! Inspires and facilitates the crucial conversation of our time that will shape the future of the church. Loaded with content to help your pastor cast vision and elevate the importance of children’s ministry. It helps cut through the clutter of the many responsibilities of KidMin to get to the most essential and effective aspects of children’s ministry that most influence long-term discipleship into adulthood. Child discipleship is the leading factor when shaping the future of your church. The culture is changing so rapidly and radically that the future is likely to look far different than the world we know today. The children’s ministry community has new conversations to explore as we prepare today’s kids to lead the fearless future of the church.

Valerie Bell, Matt Markins
Awana Club International
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