Pure Teens: Honoring God, Relationships, and Sex

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You Have Been Invited to a Life of Relational and Sexual Fulfillment

War has been declared, and every teen needs a plan of action for living pure on this epic battlefield. Teens today are confronted with a culture of online pornography, chat rooms, sexting, and sex on demand. The enemy attacks the young, hoping to wound and leave them destroyed. But there is hope.

Pure Teens is a valuable, practical resource for every Christian teen about relationships and sex--and why they are such a big deal to God. Not one to shy away from edgy topics, John candidly shares:

  • the groundbreaking science that explains the addictive power of cybersex
  • straight talk about masturbation and pornography
  • a battle plan for living porn-free, with sexual integrity
  • a positive perspective about sacred sex
  • the keys to a lifetime of fulfilling intimacy
  • how to live boldly while honoring God

Each of the chapters in Pure Teens will help teens figure out God's roadmap for making decisions about how to honor Him, relationships, and sex. Parents and counselors will also find tested and proven successful steps young people can take to live lives of godly freedom and integrity.

"Our teen generation is in an unprecedented sexual battle. Dr. Thorington gives teens biblical truth to help them win this battle."

--Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center

"It has been well said, 'not to plan is a plan to fail.' Dr. John Thorington shares an excellent plan of action for your teen to live a sexually pure life in a sexually polluted culture. This book is a great resource for parents to use in healthy conversations with their teens, and will give teens hope for a life of purity by removing their feelings of aloneness on the journey to sexual purity and godly passions."

--Dr. Michael Lewis, Executive Director, Pastoral Care and Development, North American Mission Board

John Thorington, D. Min., is a pastoral counselor with Focus on the Family. He is both a Sexual Recovery Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has led workshops at the state and national level on cybersex addiction. He served as a pastor for thirty years prior to becoming a specialist in sex addiction.

Dr. John Thorington
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