Present: The Gift of Being All In, Right Where You Are

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Enjoy an engaging, thoughtful, and practical journey packed with humor, compassion, and scripture! Learn to be fully present and “all in,” right where you are and reap the benefits that come with it!

Present is an invitation to a deeper, richer, and quieter life with God. So often we sleepwalk through our days, but there is a deep biblical precedent and tremendous gift in practicing awareness right where we are. Present will help you discover:

  • Key reasons you might experience transience
  • How to press in where you’re planted when called to that
  • How to cope and thrive in seasons of pruning and frustration
  • How to know when it’s time to move on
  • And much more!

New jobs, new schools, new churches, and new cities. New colleagues and friends that come and go. Life is constantly moving and it’s common to feel uprooted. Your calendar is full, and life is frenetic, but it still feels like something big is missing. You long for a deeper connection with God and those around you, but you’re not sure how to get there. Whether you’re prone to efficiently flit from one engagement to the next like a hummingbird, or you’re more like a majestic Sequoia with the longing to thrive where your roots are, Present is here to help you form more meaningful connections.

In a world marked by transience, envy, and rootlessness, committing to staying put is a radical, unusual act. Hungry for rootedness, Courtney Ellis and her family decided to truly commit to a place and a people God had given them for a season, to grow some deep roots and discover what it would mean to be “all in.” Through winsome storytelling, Courtney demonstrates that there is tremendous growth when we stop holding a community at arms’ length and open ourselves to the blessing of stability, the grace of limits, and the joy of presence. This book is divided into three major sections, with chapters devoted to each of the gifts that come with our increased attention to being all in―fully present, right where we are.

Key Features of 

  • Relatable: Whether you’re starting a new chapter of your life or firmly planted (or somewhere in between), Present will meet you where you are. Packed with thoughtful insights and wit, Courtney condenses solid biblical truths into everyday gems that are hidden all around you.
  • Practical: Rather than just reading, Courtney invites you to dive deeper with thoughtful reflection questions and simple practices to apply these key principles to your own life. Change begins from the inside out and you can start being present now!
  • Scripturally Guided: Enjoy having biblically based guidance on how to connect with others, grow where you’re planted, know when God is calling you to transition, and more!

Join Courtney Ellis for a thoughtful, funny, and realistic exploration of stability, limit, and presence as means of grace. Journey deeper into the heart of God that calls us to cultivate community―being present to what God has placed before us―and discovering the gifts of the present. Explore the ways borders and boundaries in our lives are for our good. When we are able to say, “This is my place, and these are my people,” and then, like Ruth, really commit, beautiful things can happen.

Present is perfect for:

  • Individual and group study
  • Book clubs
  • Discipleship
  • Bible studies
  • Pastors
  • Church libraries
  • Gifts
  • Counseling groups
  • Parents
  • And more!
Courtney Ellis
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