Otter B Plush Toy

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He’s helpful, kind, forgiving, friendly—and, most of all, soft! The new Otter B plush toy from Focus on the Family is the perfect companion for story time with your own little otter. Snuggle up together with this fuzzy stuffed figure as you enjoy the engaging adventures of Otter B. Whether you’re learning about honesty, bravery, being thankful, or taking turns, the Otter B book series is a wonderful way to introduce and reinforce biblical life lessons for young children. The Otter B plush toy is a tangible (and playful!) reminder for your child to put those same lessons into practice each day.


Your child wants a cuddly friend

who’s as cute as cute can be,

so get this fuzzy, furry toy.

His name is Otter B!

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Focus on the Family Publishing
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