Nazarene Mosaic Tile

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The Arabic letter for “N” is the symbol handcrafted onto your mosaic tile. The Arabic letter for “N” refers to the word “Nasara”, the Arabic for Nazarene. Christians are also referred to as Nasara. It is used by ISIS supporters to mark the homes of Christians as targets. But believers are proud of the symbol, like the cross or the fish used in the first century. Your beautiful tile will be uniquely hand-crafted by a refugee family in Jordan and will feature the “Nasara” symbol. The colors vary and no two tiles are the same. Display your tile as a daily reminder to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East and an opportunity to witness about the love and strength found in Jesus Christ.


  • Length-11.75"
  • Width-7.25"
  • Height-1.50"

Note: Colors recieved might vary from those pictured.