My Journey to Salvation

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Ad Coors explains how growing up in the Coors Brewing family taught him that wealth could never protect him from misfortune. After his father was murdered, Ad spent years searching for meaning in life, which he eventually found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Mr. Adolph Coors IV
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Focus on the Family Broadcast

2 Reviews

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    adolph coors testimony

    Posted by dave camizzi on Mar 4th 2020

    by far this the best testimony and story i have ever heard. many of my veteran friends agree too it is the best overall story and testimony. i hope ad coors has many more happy and joyful years with his ministry and enjoying time with his family. god bless.

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    Adolph Coors Testimony

    Posted by Roger Tetzlaff on Jan 9th 2020

    Hello, when I first started listening to Adolph's Coors life story I couldn't turn it off and I almost missed the second part the following day. I lived in CO for ten years and when I hear it was Him speaking I just had to hear everything He had to say. He experienced so much tragedy in His life that I had to say a prayer for Him and to thank God that I was lucky enough to hear it.

    I ordered the year's review for 2019 broadcasts; but, I'm looking forward to it and I heard the broadcast on 107.9 here in Salem, OR. I'm currently staying at the mission here in Salem and even though I haven't received the CD yet I ordered it to share with other people here whom I'm sure will be inspired by it.

    I listened to your broadcast while I was in CO and I thank God for your program; which, the World needs more of.

    Roger T.
    Salem, OR