Missional Fostering: A Temporary Assignment, A Tremendous Cause, A Timeless Impact

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Seasonal Parents?

It happens every Christmas all over the country, all over the world. Large signs are placed in windows and on doors with these words: “Now hiring seasonal workers.” If you get that job, you will not be obligated forever. You are just signing up for a short stint to help some people with a need. That’s the idea behind this book.

Missional fostering is the other lane of the fostering freeway, and it recognizes that you are not necessarily trying to add a new child into your home. Missional fostering is parenting someone else’s child for them for a short period of time. Missional fostering means we love on them, feed them, hold them, stabilize them, cuddle with the young ones, high-five the big ones, and then watch them drive away to a long-term foster-to-adopt home. Mission accomplished. Missional fostering reminds us that it is a temporary assignment, for a tremendous cause, making a timeless impact on children one life at a time.

“Something special happens when a person says, ‘I’m willing to be your really good temporary if it helps you find your even better forever.’ This is fos- ter care, and it’s the compelling message you’ll feel resonating from every page of Missional Fostering.”

Jason Johnson,

National Director of Church Ministry Initiatives, The Christian Alliance for Orphans Author, ReFraming Foster Care

Jon & Dawn Stone
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Credo House Publishers