Marriage Meet Ups: A Planner for Couples Who Want a Productive, Passionate and Purposeful Life (Bundle of red and blue editions)

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This bundle includes the books both for husband AND wife:

Do you want the VERY BEST in Life, Marriage, Family, work and Love? YES! You are a unique couple and you deserve to have a unique plan for your journey together. The quality of your marriage is determined by the decisions you make together. Many couples make these choices a bit haphazardly hoping everything turns out well, but they wish there was a more structured way to figure things out and build a bright future TOGETHER. Marriage Meetups provides a plan you can follow to intentionally design the type of marriage, family and life you want as a couple. It is dynamic, deliberate and adjustable because it is your plan for your relationship. This collection of strategy sheets will guide you to …

  • Gain insight into how your spouse likes to live
  • Have productive conversations that minimize conflict
  • Make decisions together that maximize emotional, spiritual and physical connection
  • Improved conversations about money and financial choices
  • Boost productivity so you get more done at work, home, or ministry
  • Delegate well so things do not fall through the cracks of a busy life
  • Nurture your relationship and create more time for the happy-side of marriage, romance, and intimacy
  • Get and stay on the same page so you can move forward TOGETHER in unity
  • Strengthen your spiritual life together and draw you closer to God and your partner

Bestselling authors of more than 50 books, Pam and Bill Farrel have been happily married for 40 years and one of the key ingredients of their marital, family and business/ministry success is their “Monday Morning Marriage Meetings”. They have discovered that proactive planning dates lower stress and raise the enjoyment level of life. The Farrels have fine-tuned these strategy sheets to include activities and choices that are proven to provide strength to any marriage. Woven into each “meet up” are key decisions that boost productivity and activities that draw hearts closer to fan the flame of romance—even for the busiest couples! These Marriage Meetups are great for EVERY couple who wants the best for their marriage, family, work and/or ministry.

Bill and Pam Farrel
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