Marriage 911 Mentee (Digital)

Marriage 911

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Nearly one out of four Christian couples are struggling in their marriage. They often turn to their church for answers, yet many churches lack the resources these couples so desperately need.

That’s why Focus on the Family has created this 16-week program that you and your church can use to help married couples who are struggling in their relationship. Marriage 911 is a faith-based series that incorporates biblical teaching, time-tested principles, and counselor-approved practices to guide mature Christians as they mentor hurting couples.

Marriage 911 Mentee (Digital) are all the training videos, panel discussions, and a video of FAQs for the mentee.

Couples in crisis need help. Marriage 911 gives you the resources—and the confidence!—to meet that need by offering restoration and hope . . . what every couple needs to thrive in Christ.

Focus on the Family
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Focus on the Family
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