Making Time for What Matters Most (Digital Download)


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Crystal Paine is a big believer in making the most of her time and living a meaningful life. If you're a mom who wants to do the same, you won't want to miss this Focus on the Family broadcast that's chock-full of practical advice from the best-selling author.

As a mom who has six kids, a podcast, and a business, Crystal’s pretty busy, but she's developed a 4-part time management system that helps her be efficient and productive every day. Listen in as she outlines and explains that 4-part system which is summarized by four P's: Pray, Priorities, Plan, and Prep.

In addition, Crystal describes her 6x2 priority system whereby moms identify six long-time priorities and then focus on 2 per day. She also explains how she uses an online calendar and daily to-do lists to keep her schedule on track, and she discusses the value of establishing good routines, especially the night before, to help moms manage their time well.

For more from Crystal, check out her book The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most.

If you'd like a CD of this broadcast, you can get it here.

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