Life Is Hard. God Is Good. Let's Dance.: Experiencing Real Joy in a World Gone Mad

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"Quirky and inviting essays on what it means to live joyfully in a world full of 'anger and anxiety'...This optimism booster has a light touch and a lasting impact."—Publishers Weekly

This book is about one idea: joy. A deep sense of well-being, regardless of circumstances, is not only possible but is promised to all who follow Jesus. Life is hard, but God is good. And through Him we can start to see the world in a more childlike, humble, and optimistic way.

Brant Hansen doesn't follow a success plan. He just keeps simply showing up and taking Jesus very seriously. And by taking Jesus seriously in all of life, he has become more joyful. More peaceful. And full of laughter. And that attitude is contagious to all who read his bestselling books and listen to his award-winning radio show.

In Life Is Hard, God Is Good, Let's Dance, Brant is at his best—sharing stories from around the world, as well as from his own heart and head, with a writing style that will likely make you laugh, cry, and rethink your outlook on life and the kingdom of God. Through his unique life experiences and extensive travels, readers will see how God is moving through people all over the world, and they will learn to:

  • See that it's possible to live joyfully in a world of anger and anxiety
  • Completely trust the character and promises of God
  • Claim the abundant life mentioned in John 10:10
  • Live each day simply and with a faith and joy that is contagious

Brant says, "In this book, I want to take the format of Bob Goff's Love Does and mix it with my own strange experiences, in a way that I think Ted Lasso would be proud of." Through short, energetic, captivating, and often humorous chapters, Brant's message will leave you with a renewed love for a simpler life that overflows with greater joy than you’ve ever experienced.

Brant Hansen
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Thomas Nelson