Easy Target

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Taking on bullies comes with hidden danger . . . becoming one yourself.

Thrust into public school his eighth-grade year, ex-homeschooler Hudson Sutton is an outsider―and an easy target. When he sticks up for “Pancake” he makes two allies and plenty of enemies. Hudson wants to protect his new friends, so he puts a bold plan into action.

But as school bullies retaliate and Hudson’s plans to stop them get out of hand, Hudson fears he’s making the situation worse. The more he tries to help his new friends, the more he hurts others.

Too late Hudson learns who the real easy target is. What happens when that person’s hurt is so big, she believes she’s beyond fixing? And what happens when she’s so desperate, she’ll do the unthinkable to send one last cry for help?

Sometimes the best way to change others is to start with yourself.


Read This Review From A Parent And Their Experience!

"[My boys] ranged in age from 12-17 and one was a new young man who had come to stay only a few days previously. He was trying to make his way into the mix with as big an impression as he could.  So His voice was first, negative and loud in response to my suggestion of reading out loud, "Read to us!  I haven't been read to since I was a little kid!" After some further conversation, on the spot prayers and my best attempt to broaden his thinking, we decided together I would read while they all had dinner.

When I got going with Easy Target, his dinner was soon sitting on his plate while he sat transfixed. If you're thinking this is odd behavior for a teenage boy in general, I would agree. This young man was unusually tall and muscular and truly appreciated his food. So to see him rapt in attention, quieting others who interrupted and only occasionally eating, I grew excited and put my best efforts into reading well and steadily in order to hang on to him!

 When the meal was done, and I offered to put the book away until breakfast, he began insisting on more and working at convincing the other boys they didn't need to go do their chores or homework because, "Don't you just gotta hear more? I need to know what happens!"  It was a great memory for me to see his attitude change so quickly and a great compliment to your writing that hooked one so sure reading aloud was only for little kids.  I like to think God changed his attitude permanently and in several ways right before my eyes with your book!"

Tim Shoemaker
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Focus on the Family Publishing