Investigating the Eyewitness Accounts of Jesus Christ (Digital Download)


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J. Warner Wallace says he was an "angry atheist" for much of his life. He believed Christianity was just another mythology, or even an outright hoax perpetrated by misguided followers of some ancient teacher. But when a pastor challenged him to consider that Jesus Christ might be a far more significant person than he believed, Wallace began a months-long search of the New Testament Gospels and used the investigative skills he had acquired during his career as a homicide detective to determine the validity of the claims of Jesus and His followers. Wallace found that the evidence supporting the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life, death, and miraculous resurrection is overwhelming, and that the most reasonable conclusion is that these accounts are true.

On this Focus on the Family broadcast, Wallace offers a fascinating explanation of various detective techniques – like abductive reasoning, chain-of-evidence, and crime broadcast – and how he used them to discover key truths about the disciples and early witnesses of Christ. He describes how he progressed from simply believing in Jesus as a historical figure to believing in Jesus as his savior. Wallace also challenges listeners to develop their own robust understanding of the Gospels so that they can become effective witnesses and defenders of Christianity.

For more from Wallace, check out his book Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels.

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