In Their Shoes: Helping Parents Better Understand and Connect with Children of Divorce

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Lauren Reitsema's stories, research, and firsthand experiences will help you better understand the mindset of your child. While every stepparent/stepchild relationship is unique, there are many common themes that children experience as they adapt to their changing family. Lauren carefully explains these themes and brings out practical ideas that will help you cultivate authentic connections.

Discover what's going on in the heart and mind of your child and learn to walk beside them. Your efforts will pay off in stronger, closer blended family relationships.

"In Their Shoes is a must-have resource for any stepparent. While spending time with Lauren Reitsema, I have been very impacted by her wisdom and insight, and I know you will be too. In this book, using real life examples, Lauren uncovers the unspoken feelings of stepchildren and explains the 'why' behind them. For most stepparents, having your eyes opened to what you simply didn't see before will be the key to unlocking your relationship!"  -- Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and bestselling author of For Women Only and The Kindness Challenge

"In Their Shoes should be required reading for every parent, coach, and educator who cares for children of divorce. Our culture has seen a silent epidemic of countless children suffering with invisible wounds caused by living through the aftermath of divorce. Lauren Reitsema has pulled the curtain back and given us a peek into the lives of kids who are navigating the emotional complexities of growing up in post-divorce homes and in blended families. From her personal experiences, gripping true stories, and insightful research, Lauren has masterfully created a resource to equip families, heal deep wounds, and empower children navigating the aftermath of divorce for generations to come!"-- Dave and Ashley Willis, authors, relationship coaches, and TV hosts for MarriageToday

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Lauren Reitsema
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