Hurt Help Hope: A Real Conversation about Teen Grief and Life After Loss

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Hurt Help Hope is a sensitive grief guide written for teens by a grieving teen and her mother. Together they offer support, advice, and understanding for navigating life after loss.

After the death of a loved one, anyone can be caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and unanswered questions. 
Hurt Help Hope divides lists of relatable questions into five categories covering topics like the logistics of funerals, how your body copes with grief, how it affects your faith in God, how to manage feelings, and more!


  • Credibility and vulnerability of the authors: The authors aren’t writing about grief from a theoretical or clinical place – they are walking through it themselves. Their deeply genuine and empathetic words will comfort readers like a friend.
  • Written by a teen and her mom for grieving teens. Fiona shares her experience grieving the death of her father as a teenager. Clarissa shares insights from her family's life as they learned to live without their dad.
  • Question-and-answer format: Each chapter is made up of questions teens may have as they experience grief. The authors don’t write in a clinical or theoretical way, but in a conversational tone, sharing what they’ve learned like an encouraging friend.
  • Grounded in Jesus: There are encouraging truths about our hope in Jesus and how our theology as Christians can be a great comfort in the face of death.
  • An excellent balance of theology and helpful, practical advice.
  • Practical advice: This book is brimming with practical, day-to-day suggestions of how to handle grief. These include:
    • a list of tips to promote better sleep
    • what to do when you’re experiencing anger, confusion, or even numbness
    • what to expect at funerals
    • a list of insensitive things people might say in the face of loss
    • ideas about how to respond to comments like those
    • and many more!
  • Engaging quizzes, charts, and graphs help to processes fears, feelings, and all the hard things.
Clarissa Moll & Fiona Moll
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