From Broken Boy to Mended Man: A Positive Plan to Heal Your Childhood Wounds and Break the Cycle

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A Simple and Hope-filled Blueprint to Break Free from a Hurtful Childhood that May Be Holding You Back―Secret Hurts, Destructive Cycles, Buried Angerand More

Hiding inside every man is a little boy. For some this kid is healthy and strong. For others he’s insecure. Afraid. Angry. And broken. This describes Patrick Morley. Successful entrepreneur and businessman, Patrick ignored the pain of his childhood wounds for decades. This book tells his story and offers a surprising remedy. An ironclad promise of wholeness. Today, millions of men are suffering silently and not breaking the cycle because they’ve never processed the pain of their father and mother wounds. Does that describe you?

If so, you are not alone. And there’s hope. A better way. You can find healing and finally break free from a lifelong cycle of pain and smoldering rage. You can, by God’s grace, re-write the script for your future and achieve so much more. Can you imagine?

From Broken Boy to Mended Man, Patrick Morley describes his own revealing and healing journey and offers answers on how to safely uncover wounds that may have fueled destructive patterns for decades. This book will help you discover:

  • How to overcome denial and acknowledge your suffering;
  • How to find healing for your childhood wounds and break free from any destructive, dysfunctional cycles that hold you back;
  • How to shift your perspective to have a compassionate view of your parents (even if they’re gone) and reach a place of biblical forgiveness; and
  • How to create an action plan to help you better parent your own children so hurtful patterns are not repeated.

You can move forward from unprocessed pain. Discover today how to start brand new.

Patrick Morley
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Tyndale Momentum