From Abortionist to Pro-Life Advocate: A Story of God's Redemption I-II


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As a medical student in her 30s, Kathi Aultman was certain of two things: God didn’t exist, and women had a right to choose what to do with their own bodies. Although she grew up as a preacher’s daughter, she got frustrated with Christians who lived “hypocritically,” and after having an abortion herself, she decided abortions were a woman’s right.

In her medical residency, Kathi was fascinated by the medical procedure of abortion, and asked to learn about the more complicated types of abortions, especial late term, saying “the bigger, the better.” She honestly enjoyed the technical challenge of “terminating a fetus.” She continued to perform abortions after she was pregnant herself. One day a young woman came in who had previously gotten 3 abortions and was asking for another one. Kathi protested performing the abortion, but was forced by clinic staff. When the woman was asked by her friend if she wanted to see the tissue, the woman answered, “No! I just want to kill it.” This spoke to Kathi, and for the first time, she considered that the “fetus” was human. After a few similar instances, Kathi decided she would personally stop doing abortion, but still maintained that women have a right to choose.

It wasn’t until she she heard a friend compare abortion to the Holocaust, that Kathi – whose dad was involved in the liberation of the first concentration camp in WWII – was appalled and realized that the dehumanization of the Jews was what allowed the Nazis to commit their atrocities. Being pro-abortion, she realized, was going the same thing: dehumanizing a baby. She suddenly realized that she had murdered a great number of people. She will share her powerful story of leaving the abortion industry and accepting forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Dr. Kathi Aultman
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