Finding the Extra in Ordinary: Embracing the Beauty of the Christian Life

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Break free from mediocrity and start living the vibrant life God has for you.

Most people settle for an ordinary existence―a predictable schedule, easily attainable goals, reasonable expectations. While there’s comfort in the ordinary, there’s also the risk of getting stuck in a life that lacks meaning, purpose, and joy. And God doesn’t want you to get stuck―especially when He has so much more for you!

Finding the Extra in Ordinary by Jeff Simmons explores the extraordinary stories of people from all walks of life who have managed to transform their ordinary lives into something truly remarkable. From everyday people to celebrities, entrepreneurs, and sports stars, Simmons captures the inspiring stories of those who have found the extra in ordinary.

In this book, you will learn how to

  • live out God’s plan for loving others
  • invest wisely in the things that really matter
  • choose joy and share that joy freely with the world
  • discover your passion and purpose in life
  • start living every day with motivation and meaning

Stop playing it safe. Step out and surpass the ordinary and start living an extraordinary life for Christ.

Jeff Simmons
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Focus on the Family Publishing