Enjoy Every Minute: And Other Ridiculous Things We Say to Moms

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“‘You are not alone.’ These are the four most powerful words a mom can hear. You’ll ‘hear’ these words on the pages of this book as Becky dives into the absurd platitudes we sometimes offer one another and digs just a little deeper to find the nuggets of truth we really do need to hear.”—Jill Savage, author of No More Perfect Moms and founder of Hearts at Home

“Enjoy every minute because the time goes so fast!” Every mother of young children has been offered this advice. Yet for moms in the thick of it, this advice is neither realistic nor attainable. A tired, overwhelmed mom can easily internalize these well-intentioned words into guilt-laced, negative self-talk.

"What is wrong with me? Why aren’t I enjoying my kids more? Why do I feel so overwhelmed when other moms seem so normal? I should be more patient and joyful. I’m a Christian—I shouldn’t be struggling so much."

We will not enjoy every minute of this journey, but we can find joy in each season. With humor and candor, Becky takes on this cliché along with other common myths such as, “God will never give you more than you can handle,” and “The most important thing is that your kids be happy.” Through compelling stories and biblical insights, she encourages moms to “set their hearts on pilgrimage” as they:

  • Rely on God’s strength in the hard moments
  • Adjust their expectations to accommodate the ups and downs of life
  • Walk with others along the way
  • Develop and maintain an eternal perspective

Motherhood is not meant to be a solo sport. The challenges we face as we raise our kids can stretch us to our limits and, hopefully, bring us to our knees. Through it all, we are overcome with a love so fierce it can only come from the heart of God. Make no mistake—this motherhood gig was totally his idea.

Becky Baudouin
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Independently Published