Embracing Hope and Love After a Loss (Digital Download)


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Candy McVicar and her husband, Stephen, suffered a traumatic loss when their first baby, Grace, was stillborn. Candy had had suspicions that her baby was at risk, but couldn't convince the medical staff to help her. And during Candy's delivery, the hospital staff was uncompassionate and neglectful, making the whole experience even worse.

Afterward, Candy and Stephen struggled in their marriage because they expressed grief differently, but didn't understand those differences at the time. But with the help of Dr. Gary Chapman's 'love language' principles, the couple found a bridge to healing and restoration in their relationship.

On this Focus on the Family broadcast, Candy and Dr. Chapman offer comfort and guidance to couples who've experienced infant loss. Our guests describe the grieving process and explain how Christians need to be careful about what they say and do when ministering to these couples. Candy also discusses how her Missing GRACE Foundation offers help to bereaved families, online support groups, and even education to hospital staff so they can be better prepared to help couples through their grief.

For more from Candy and Dr. Chapman, check out their book Holding on to Love After You've Lost a Baby: The 5 Love Languages for Grieving Parents.

If you'd like a CD of this broadcast, you can get it here.

Candy McVicar & Gary Chapman
Parenting, Death, Grief, Life Challenges
Focus on the Family
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