Coming Home Booklet

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Rushing off to work ... picking the kids up from school ... making dinner ... going to bed exhausted ... and then doing it all over again the next day. Life can often feel like an endless cycle. But during that rare quiet moment, do you ever pause and wonder, "Is this all there is to life? Is it merely a 70-year cycle of eating and sleeping, getting and spending, growing older and older?"

If your heart longs for something or someone that will give meaning to your existence, Coming Home Booklet can help. In it, we'll take a straightforward look at the things of this world that people try to find value in and show that there is much, much more that can be had. You'll learn that nothing is more valuable than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And by joining God's family, you'll find a way to live that brings genuine meaning and lasting joy!

You can download, read, and/or print off the booklet here.

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Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family