Climate Change for Kids...and Parents Too!

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Introducing Climate Change for Kids...and Parents Too! — a groundbreaking book designed to equip families with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex issue of climate change. Authored by renowned speaker and Founding CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, this full-color paperback reveals the intersection of science, Scripture, and logic to provide a comprehensive understanding of this issue from a biblical worldview.

Some people are claiming the earth will be destroyed in a few years if this supposed man-made climate change isn’t stopped. But author, Ken Ham, forecasts that in another 10 years we will find these predictions haven’t come true either for two reasons:

  • God’s Word makes it quite clear that man can never destroy the earth (Genesis 8:22).
  • Real observational science (not the radical interpretations of some of the data) does not support the alarming claims of these activists.

Christians have no need to fear. In moments when climate change hysteria grips the media or academic spheres, it’s crucial to approach with discernment. Beyond the predominant theories attributing climate change to human activity, we must also weigh in various factors such as natural cycles of the earth and the sun, which significantly influence climate patterns.

Discover the truth of science, climate change, and the true history of the world in this powerful exploration of climate change science and the importance of developing a strong biblical worldview.

Ken Ham
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