Building Habits of Prayer With Your Children


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Parenting can be intense, especially raising young children. Stephanie Thurling and Sarah Holmstrom are two moms who readily admitted their desperate need for God every single day. Sarah shared a hilarious story about a 911 call where her children went wild. Steph described how one day her 3-year-old daughter asked “Are you nice or mean?” In that moment Steph realized she was not allowing God to shape her parenting journey. Both women explain why parents feel awkward or ill-equipped to pray, but they urge moms and dads to pray intentionally and model prayer for their kids. They share many prayer ideas for families like: the “grateful game,” where family members take turns naming things they thank God for. And a “paper prayer chain,” which can be a tangible reminder for parents and kids to pray. And a “miracle book,” where everyone in the family can write down ways they feel like God has answered prayer. And the benefits of memorized prayer, which can comfort kids (and adults) when they don’t know how else to pray. These moms conclude by talking about how to “listen for God’s voice,” and the power of community where families support each other in prayer.

Mrs. Stephanie Thurling & Mrs. Sarah Holmstrom
Focus on the Family
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