Blending Two Lives into One Flesh (Digital)


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Each day of marriage a couple can learn something new about each other. Often this includes discovering a glaring difference between you and your spouse. One might consider the task of cleaning to be a 15 minute chore, while the other approaches it as a herculean task – two plus hours of scrubbing the kitchen sink with a toothbrush. This is the exact predicament Joey and Kari Stageberg found themselves in. In this episode, Joey and Kari unpack the techniques to navigate the situation when differences emerge – they call it a “Merge Moment.” This moment allows a couple to come together despite their differences. Only 31% of differences are solvable, which means that couples need to be proactive and intentional when navigating and even celebrating their differences. Joey and Kari suggest being particularly observant about trigger moments and giving each other time to process those situations. Success comes when a couple truly values each other, rather than just tolerating one another. And spouses cannot do this alone – it is crucial for those in a difficult season to find “Merge Mates” — a communicate that will encourage and support their marriage.

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Mr. Joey Stageberg & Mrs. Kari Trent Stageberg
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Focus on the Family Broadcast
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