A Servant's Heart (DVD)

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Adoption itself may be a singular event, but the path toward healing for both a child and the family is ongoing. With support and care from those around them, adoptive families can truly thrive. A Servant's Heart helps individuals and churches understand how to rightly care for the adoptive and foster families in their community. This resource includes: Introduction and discussion questions for a small group setting, video content including a discussion with Pastor Brady Boyd about the need and real-life experiences from several adoptive families, and practical ideas for implementing a 4-week service project to WRAP around an adoptive family (WRAP = Wrestle in Prayer, Respite Care, Acts of Service, Promises of God). "We never thought about adoption, but God made it clear that we were to embrace this for our own family...You can't do it without a community that comes alongside and gives you breaks here and there. People in our congregation surrounded us with love and support." - Mike & Leesa Worley, Adoptive Family in Colorado
Focus on the Family
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Focus on the Family
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