2020 Best of Broadcast CD


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Listeners have spoken! Jim Daly and John Fuller are your hosts in this collection of the year's most popular programs from the Focus on the Family Broadcast. You'll hear all of the year's best encouragement on marriage, parenting, growing your faith, and even some tough topics for tough times, all from a biblical perspective you trust.
This collection includes:
  • "Holding On to the Hope of Heaven" with Mr. John Burke and Mrs. Jean Daly
  • "Leading Others by Following Jesus" with Mr. Willie Robertson
  • "How to Have a Better Sex Life by Understanding Your Love Style I-II" with Mr. Milan and Mrs. Kay Yerkovich
  • "Helping Children Understand How They Feel" with Dr. Josh and Mrs. Christi Straub
  • "Parenting the Heart of Your Teen" with Mrs. Connie Albers
  • "Discovering the Truth About My Identity I-II" with Mrs. Jackie Hill Perry
  • "The Best Choices You Can Make for Your Marriage" with Dr. Ron and Mrs. Jan Welch
  • "Kids: You Gotta Love 'Em!" with Mr. Kenn Kington
  • "Combating the Lies that Can Destroy Your Marriage I-II" with Dr. Greg Smalley and Dr. Bob Paul
  • "Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Home" with Mrs. Kathi Lipp
  • "Championing Your Son Through His Battles" with Mr. Jonathan McKee
  • "How God Redeemed My Teen Pregnancy I-II" with Mrs. Lindsay Pepin Ophus, Mrs. Scarlet Pepin and Mrs. Bethany Pepin
  • "Are Your Five Core Needs Being Met? I-II" with Dr. Kathy Koch
  • "Discovering the Secrets to a Lifelong Romance I-II" with Dr. Kevin Leman and Mrs. Jean Daly
  • BONUS:"What Your Kids Need Most to Grow Up Well I-II" with Mr. Danny Huerta
  • BONUS:"Reconnecting with Your Spouse I-II" with Dr. Greg and Mrs. Erin Smalley