Marriage Minded: 10 Ways to Know If You've Found the One

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How did you know you were right for each other? How did you know it was the right time to get married? What should we be doing as a couple to make sure our marriage starts out well?

These questions are among many that Chelsea and Nick Hurst have received since nearly 2.4 million people followed their love story, engagement, and marriage on their YouTube channel. Now they're ready to dive deeper into the guidance they received, the lessons they learned, and the questions they asked themselves and others as they navigated the biggest decision of their lives.

Written from both Chelsea's and Nick's refreshingly honest perspectives, Marriage Minded is perfect for couples who are dating seriously or considering the big step of engagement. In these pages, Nick and Chelsea . . .

  • Share critical questions you should ask yourselves and each other before saying "I do"
  • Offer practical ways to better understand each other and your differences to build a solid and trusting relationship
  • Share ways to find hope and help for healing from past mistakes as you plan for your future together
  • Present a clear view of what godly marriage is and the importance of putting Jesus at the center before you're married

Chelsea and Nick are a breath of fresh air as they share what they wish they had known before walking into marriage. Allow their relationship and personal experiences to be an encouragement to you as you build your life together.

Nick & Chelsea Hurst
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