Average Boy's Above-Average Year

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Come along with Average Boy, the longtime popular character from the Clubhouse magazine feature, “Adventures of Average Boy,” in his hilarious journey through the school year. In this middle-grade fiction book, readers will follow Bob (Average Boy) and laugh at his antics as he seeks to set goals and reach them with varying success. One of his big goals is his youth group’s yearlong challenge to stand up for God.

Enjoy the signature humor of Christian comedian Bob Smiley. 8- to 12-year-olds will love the funny stories as they learn important biblical lessons packed into every adventure with Average Boy.


"We finished reading Average Boy's Super Average year and wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved it!  It was like Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Christian kids! We laughed throughout the whole book.  I believe AB"s journey to win the video game console really left an impact on my son and will help him to be able to better put God and others before himself in the future.

Thank you for following God's call to create content for youngsters and giving parents like myself a chance to not worry about what their kids are being exposed to.  [My son] is now wanting to know when your next book is going to be available!  I believe he'll just reread this one many times until then!

We look forward to seeing what God has in store for you and your ministry."

Sincerely, A mom in Kentucky

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Bob Smiley
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    Irreverant and Inappropriate

    Posted by H and W Flores on Aug 29th 2023

    This review is being writen by a teenaged brother and sister: After reading the whole book we have found that it is crude, rude, irreverent, and also disrespectful to parents. It is not what kids want. It's insulting to the audience. Kid's aren't dumb, they don't need slapstick characters. Referencing pg. 114, the main charictor says that at 7am in the morning he would rather be singing "Yawn to Yahweh" than sing "Shout to the Lord" in church. On pg. 79. he gifts his father a can of beans for Christmas, uses toilet humor by saying "have a rootin' tootin' good christmas". On pg. 35 he is e-mailing google (without his parents' knowlage) about a job application. On pg. 2 he says that Jesus and His disiples should have been football players because Jesus could wipe out the other team. On pg. 119, while his family is taking a vacation, he says "My mom was born with a humingbird's bladder instead of a normal one. That means we always stop a lot." He makes this comment again later on in the book. At one point he is doing school wrestling and is beaten by a girl. Totally inappropriate. Why is she even wrestling? In his youth group there is a contest to see who can spread the good news best over a few months to win a videogame consol. Overall we've learned not to do anything this kid does, and though it wasn't something a Christian should read, it shows what's wrong with American "Christians" today. Kids do not need to read about so called funny characters, or as we would call them, twits and fools.

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    My boys love it!

    Posted by Brittany Carpenter on Jun 23rd 2022

    My boys are 5 & 9 and they love everything Average Boy. We have been reading this book together and if I am unavailable to read to them my older son will read aloud to his brother. It’s hilarious and is sprinkled with wonderful reminders about Gods love.

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    The best book for super average and average kids both!

    Posted by Lilly Roepnack on Mar 25th 2022

    This was a great book! Some of the storylines were from Clubhouse magazine, but other then that this was a awesome book! I was laughing the entire time I read this book! There are really good lessons! My favorite joke were the ones with the Calderbury eggs!