Average Boy's Above-Average Summer

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Release date is Sep 16th 2024

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Average Boy is here to make you laugh and encourage you in your faith!

The Average Boy series features humorous writing and whimsical illustrations to help readers embrace the idea that life isn’t always about being the smartest, most athletic, or best-looking kid in the neighborhood. Faith, family, and friends are far more valuable than being perceived as cool.

What happens when “Average Boy” Bob Smiley gets to the end of an above-average school year? Why, it’s time for an above-average summer, of course! If things go according to plan―and Average Boy always has lots of plans―then this summer will be his best one ever.

You see, Average Boy isn’t going to sleep in until noon this summer―at least not every day. No, he has big goals for the next few months. This summer is when Average Boy will finally build that tree house he’s been planning with his best friend, Billy. This summer is when he will brush his teeth every morning (as soon as he finds his toothbrush). And this summer he’s setting a goal to invite everyone in town to church.

There will be challenges along the way―challenges like Donny the school bully, or Sarah and Everley, who always seem to have water balloons in hand. But his biggest challenge this summer is the Huge Hairy Hisser, who lurks in the woods behind Average Boy’s house and seems determined to ruin his tree house-building plans.

It will definitely be a summer to remember!

Bob Smiley & Jesse Florea
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Focus on the Family Publishing