Are Your Five Core Needs Being Met?


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Everyone has needs, because that's how God created us — with core needs that only He can ultimately fulfill. On this Focus on the Family broadcast, Dr. Kathy Koch identifies five core needs: Security (Whom can I trust?), Identity (Who am I?), Belonging (Who wants me?), Purpose (Why am I alive?), and Competence (What do I do well?). Human beings often try to fill these core needs with counterfeits, but Christians need to share the message that we are created by God, and in Him, all of our needs are met.

Dr. Koch emphasizes the point of having trustworthy friends who can help you meet your needs in healthy ways, and even learning to trust yourself — that you can grow and learn from your mistakes. She also emphasizes the need for hope and optimism, instead of negativity, in order to be healthy and whole according to God's design.

For more from Dr. Koch, check out her book Five to Thrive: How to Determine if Your Core Needs are Being Met (and What to Do When They're Not).

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