Wonderfully Wired Collection

Wonderfully Wired Collection

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  1. The Treasure Tree

    John T. Trent

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    Special Price $12.74

    Kids will love this creative and fun book in which 4 animals (an otter, beaver, golden retriever & lion) teach personality traits and how to respect and appreciate each individual for who they are.

    Meets national education standards.

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  2. Regular Price: $19.00

    Special Price $14.25

    Middle-schoolers experience turning points every day as their bodies change, friendships broaden, worldviews are expanded, and boundaries are challenged. How do moms and dads help? Active parenting is the best chance for your child to succeed in school... Learn More
  3. Middle School: The Inside Story

    Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $11.24

    Remember middle school Many parents would rather not. It's often a rough ride, filled with insecurity, peer pressure, awkwardness, and world-rocking change. This book provides practical, hands-on advice for helping your child through this minefield--w... Learn More
  4. 8 Great Smarts

    Dr. Kathy Koch

    Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    Your child is smart, but does he or she "believe "it?

    "Smart" is a power word. Children who believe they're smart excel more in school and approach life with greater confidence. But children who don't can struggle to apply themselves. Do you wish ... Learn More

  5. The Way They Learn

    Cynthia Tobias

    Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    Draw out the best in your children--by understanding the way they learn. If you're frustrated that your child isn't learning the way you did, chances are they are too In this practical resource, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias explains that understanding how yo... Learn More
  6. Your Teenager Is Not Crazy

    Dr. Jeramy Clark & Jerusha Clark

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $11.99

    As God allows us to understand the mystery and marvel of brain science, we have the exciting opportunity to reexamine our assumptions about human behavior. Perhaps nowhere does this impact our lives more profoundly than when we think about raising chil... Learn More

6 Item(s)

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